Borderland- related crimes and security threats in Kenya

Boderlands study focused on crimes, offences and security threats around Kenya’s borderlands and mainly facilitated by dynamics of the borders. Kenya has twenty one (21) borderland counties and share borders with Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan, Tanzania and Somalia. The country also borders the Indian Ocean. This makes it highly susceptible to cross-border crimes and security threats including terrorism, maritime piracy, human/drugs/arms and counterfeit trafficking and cybercrime. Borderland-related crimes and security threats continue to threaten national security. Infographics Borderland Crimes in Kenya 2018

Our response:

We disseminate research findings and recommendations to government agencies concerned with the administration of criminal justice for purposes of policy planning and formulation.

What you can do to help

You can help prevent borderland related crimes and security threats in Kenya by reporting to the Police, NCRC website ( and   NCRC Mobile Phone Crime Reporting/Monitoring tool from  mobile phones operating systems: Google Playstore, applestore and Windows Store, (Free Service)