Factors Shaping Police Performance in Kenya

The Study on Factors Shaping Police Performance in Kenya sought to find out the factors likely to influence police performance from the police officers’ perspectives. This included what the police considered work motivation or impediment factors. Underpinning the responses, which had focus on police officers of all ranks as respondents, was the significant role the police play in ensuring public safety, which is a necessary ingredient for sustainable growth and development in country.

The study was guided by specific objectives which included; to establish factors shaping police performance in dynamic settings in Kenya; establish selection and recruitment process factors in identifying candidates with potential for police performance in Kenya; and identify barriers and make recommendations for improvement in police performance in Kenya.

The study which was undertaken in 18 randomly sampled counties in Kenya had 976 as the total number of respondents out of a target sample of 1,095. In addition to this, 57 key informants’ interviews and 10 focus group discussions were undertaken. Report On Factors Shaping Police Performance In Kenya- Summary of Findings and Recommendations