Emerging Crimes: The case of kidnappings in Kenya

The rising incidents of the crime of kidnapping in Kenya have raised serious security concerns among citizens in general and security agents in particular. The research found out that the most prevalent types of kidnapping were: kidnapping committed by a stranger; inside kidnapping and kidnapping committed by a family member; kidnapping committed by an acquaintance and kidnapping with an intention to access monies from a victim’s automated teller machine. Revenge was the major socio-economic motive for kidnapping whilst ransom payment was the major economic motive. Political rivalry was identified as the key political motive for the kidnapping crime. The main perpetuators of kidnapping were singled out as Kenyan males of age between 18-35 years and not averagely stable economically; strangers, friends and acquaintances, criminal gangs and militia, romantic partners and family members. Kidnappings in Kenya Report.

Our response

We disseminate research findings and recommendations to government agencies concerned with the administration of criminal justice for purposes of policy planning and formulation.

What you can do to help

You can help prevent kidnappings related crimes and security threats in Kenya by reporting to the Police, NCRC website (http://crimeresearch.go.ke/report-crimes/) and   NCRC Mobile Phone Crime Reporting/Monitoring tool from mobile phones operating systems: Google Playstore, applestore and Windows Store, (Free Service)