Introduction to Data Repository

The Centre has a legal, policy and institutional mandate as the agency responsible for collating all crime related data to inform policy decision making- (National Crime Research Centre Act1997-Section 5 (b). The current situation is that crime data exists in multiple sources that are less coordinated, lack common platform to access and share information leading to policy incoherence in the management of crime in the country.

The national crime data repository unit facilitates the collation of crime related reports from all agencies that form the National Council for Administration of Justice. It will also contain data from NCRC’s Mobile Phone Application crime incidence monitoring and reporting.

The Data Repository System is the central point of crime data collation and analysis to establish trends, patterns and secure storage of real-time crime incidence data. This will ensure ease of access to crime information to agencies concerned with the Administration of Criminal Justice as well as the Public.

Issues and Policy Briefs