County Crime, Violence and Prevention Survey

The surveys explore dynamics of crime and violence in those counties, risk factors and protective factors, and potentials for prevention.  Preventing crime and violence is one of our primary defenses against a range of threats and also vulnerabilities that are known to and targeted by criminals to undermine public security. The costs of crime and violence are significant, ranging from direct costs such as destroyed public infrastructure, future costs of physical and mental health care, to indirect costs including productivity losses, population displacement, and overall welfare costs. Further, social multiplier effects portend the far-reaching ramifications of crime and violence, by measuring the impact in such areas as the erosion of social assets, intergenerational transfer of violence, reduction in quality of life, and decrease in public confidence in government and its institutions.

  1. Kisumu County Crime and Violence Rapid Assessment.
  2. Narok County Crime and Violence Rapid Assessment.
  3. Mombasa County Crime And Violence Report.
  4. Isiolo County Crime And Violence Rapid Assessment Report
  5. Report of Kwale and Bungoma County Crime and Violence Prevention Surveys 2016

Our response

We work with partners in the Counties to conduct county specific surveys to precede and inform a month-long crime and violence prevention training course based on local context. This is to provide common ground for discussion and learning on crime prevention strategies and how they promote community safety and contribute to sustainable development of counties. The Counties of Bungoma, Kwale, Isiolo, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nakuru, Narok and Vihiga have already gone through the survey and training programme.

What you can do to help

You can help prevent County Crime, Violence and Prevention by reporting to the Police, NCRC website ( and   NCRC Mobile Phone Crime Reporting/Monitoring tool from  mobile phones operating systems: Google Playstore, applestore and Windows Store, (Free Service)