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1410, 2020

The Issue No.3/2020

The 3rd Issue of NCRC's newsletter introduces key events undertaken by NCRC during its first quarter of the financial year 2020/21. Key amongst these activities are; The Presidential Directive to NCRC to probe on rising cases of gender-based violence, girl [...]

1106, 2020

The Issue, February – May 2020

This issue introduces advisories issued by NCRC towards containment of criminal activities in the wake of covid-19 pandemic. Further, towards enhancing access and use of its library resources and services, we highlight NCRC's Integrated Library [...]

2302, 2018

Emerging crimes: The Case of Kidnappings in Kenya 2017

Principal Researcher, Vincent Opondo’s presentation during the National launch of the report on ‘Emerging Crimes The Case Of Kidnappings In Kenya Report ’ at Aberdares Hall, Kenyatta International Convention Centre 21st June, 2017

2302, 2018

Election Crimes and Offences in Kenya 2016

Principal Researcher Stephen M. Muteti's presentation on Election Crimes and Offences in Kenya .National launch of the research report on Election Crimes and offenses in Kenya on 24th November 2016

2302, 2018

Safer Cities and the New Urban Agenda 2016

NCRC Director/CEO, Gerard Wandera represented Kenya and participated at the UN Habitat III Expert Group Meeting (EGM) on Safer Cities and the New Urban Agenda held in Geneva, Switzerland, 6th-9th July 2016.

2302, 2018

County Baseline Survey Findings

Principal Researcher,Vincent Opondo’s presentation of Bungoma County Baseline Survey and Kwale County Baseline Survey findings during the official opening of ‘Crime & Violence Prevention Training’ at the Kenya School of Government in collaboration with the [...]

2302, 2018

Extractive Industries in Africa 2016

NCRC Director/CEO, Gerard Wandera’s  Conflict and Extractive Industries in Turkana Addressing Conflicts and Integrating Sustainable Development, Hekima Institute for Peace Studies and International Relations 4th- 5th October, 2016: ‘Overview of the Current Socio-Political and Economic Status [...]

1701, 2018

Election Crimes and Offences in Kenya Report,2016

Throughout the world, elections play a leading role in socio-economic and political development of countries. To this end, good political leadership and legitimate governance is a factor of how well political election processes are organized [...]

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