Election Crimes and Offences in Kenya Report, 2016

Throughout the world, elections play a leading role in socio-economic and political development of countries. To this end, good political leadership and legitimate governance is a factor of how well political election processes are organized for elections to be free, fair and credible. Unfortunately, the delivery of free, fair and credible elections in many countries has been a challenge. Election crimes and offences have continued to remain a serious challenge in Kenya’s electoral history and processes. The crimes and offences continue to undermine and retard the gains realized and strides made by the Government and its partners as far as the realization of socio-economic and political development.Click here to view report.

Establishment of the Centre

The National Crime Research Centre is a State Corporation under the Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice. The Centre is established by an Act of Parliament, the National Crime Research Act CAP 62 Laws of Kenya. NCRC was operationalized in 2010 after its delinking from the former State Law Office.

The establishment of the centre is in line with the International best practice where research has provided critical information on what works to impact on crime and disorder and has helped to generate programmes that can assist criminal justice agencies. The centre strives to foster co-ordination in international and regional research, sharing information, infrastructure and mutual assistance. The centre is offering practical cost effective solutions to crime that are geared towards improving people's lives.

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